How we Work

Social Network for Real Estate
The MLS acts as an exclusive membership of brokers who are utilizing the most advanced technology to conduct their business. In the simplest of terms, it can be described as the Facebook or LinkedIn of the real estate industry. The technology connects all brokers to each other and to their property listings.
Complete Management of Your Real Estate Businesss
Brokers use the MLS software to manage their complete real estate business, including their clients and all their property listings. Other MLS member agents can then see all the property listings on one platform, and help sell the property so that both parties may earn their compensation.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool
Besides aiding in the sale of real estate properties by creating an online marketplace, the MLS system also acts as a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to help brokers organize their business and actively communicate with their clients, schedule meetings and showing appointments, prepare custom property reports, and so much more.
Sharing Property Listings for Mutual Benefit
In western nations, the MLS is the life and blood of the real estate brokerage industry. Without it, the industry would come to a screeching halt. The MLS facilitates open communication, property information, organization, customer leads, and sales. By sharing property data with fellow member brokers on a single platform, the industry operates much more efficiently, and all members have the ability to earn a greater income.
Listing Accuracy
All data on the system is verified and credible, and it can only be entered by qualified Member Brokers who are governed by a strict Code-of-Ethics. Thus MLS Member Brokers are the most respected brokers in the real estate industry.