Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in buying a home, can I have access to IndiaMLS?
Access to IndiaMLS is reserved only for Member Brokers and Agents. Everyone else can view all MLS listed properties on various partnering public real estate portals such as
How does IndiaMLS ensure broker compensation is paid upon the successful closing of a transaction?
At the beginning of a client-broker relationshiop, all clients of MLS Member Brokers are requested to acknowledge they are working with the broker, and by digitally signing the electronic form, the client agrees to compensate their broker's fee if they purchase or sell a property with this broker's assistance. Upon accepting these general terms, the client is able to see all property listings and related data which their broker has emailed them.
How often are MLS listed properties checked for accuracy and listing status?
Properties listed on IndiaMLS which are Non-Exclusive listings are valid for a period of 30 days, thus they must be checked and updated at least once each month. If the listing is still unsold, the broker can quickly renew the listing for another 30 day period with the click of one button. Exclusive Listings are permitted to be live for a period of 120 days. The accuracy and status of each listing is in real-time, as all listing data is entered by professional brokers, who are required to update any status changes of a property with 24 hours of the change. Also, because the MLS is strictly a broker-to-broker platform, there is zero chance of having dummy listings. The MLS is the only live database of accurate, real property listings in India without junk data.
What is the difference between an MLS Member Broker and any other brokers/agents?
IndiaMLS operates by a strict "Code of Ethics" and professional standards which all its Member Brokers are required to adhere to. Any violation of the Code can be grounds for discipline, in the form of a fine, suspension, and even termination from the exclusive membership group of professional brokers/agents in India.

Home buyers/sellers should look for the MLS seal on the business card of any broker they wish to work with in buying or selling their home, as these brokers are professional and held to a higher degree of credibility and character.

Are there other MLS systems in India?
There are NO other MLS service providers in India. There are currently separate CRMs and ERPs which one can subscribe to, however, none which have all the tools IndiaMLS offers.
I'm not affiliated with a real estate association; can I still use IndiaMLS?
IndiaMLS is available to any broker or agent in the industry. We prefer that you join your local real estate association first, as we work very closely with the local associations, providing education, training, and technology.

If a local real estate association does not exist, please contact our company, and we will be happy to guide you in the process.

Who will have access to MLS; brokers and the general public?
Only Member Brokers/Agents will have access to IndiaMLS. The general public cannot access this professional software directly, however, they if they work with an MLS Member, they will receive a ClientMLS site custom designed just for them. Additionally, all MLS property listings can be seen on our partnering real estate portals.
How do I become a member of IndiaMLS?
If you are a professional broker or agent in India and wish to become a member of IndiaMLS, simply contact our office by phone or email ( , and we will be happy to assist you in the registration process.