Membership Based Software tool for Realtors

IndiaMLS is a membership based software tool that is India's first and only Multiple Listing Service for the real estate industry. The system has been "built by brokers, for brokers", and prides itself as the only product in the market built with only the brokers best interest in mind.

Facilitates Cooperation Between Real Estate Professionals

IndiaMLS is a membership based software tool that is India's first and only Multiple Listing Service for the real estate industry. The system has been "built by brokers, for brokers", and prides itself as the only product in the market built with only the brokers best interest in mind.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

The MLS software acts as a specialized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to organize a broker's clients, calendar of activities, communications, and important documents, all on one platform.

Code of Ethics

Membership in the MLS is an exclusive privilege reserved only for professional brokers who commit to operate by a strict Code-of-Ethics. Thus, MLS members enjoy improved stature and credibility, and help create an orderly, efficient real estate market.

Social Network for Real Estate

The MLS acts as an exclusive membership of brokers who are utilizing the most advanced technology to conduct their business. In the simplest of terms, it can be described as the Facebook or LinkedIn of the real estate industry. The technology connects all brokers to each other and to their property listings

Complete Management of Your Real Estate Businesss

Brokers use the MLS software to manage their complete real estate business, including their clients and all their property listings. Other MLS member agents can then see all the property listings on one platform, and help sell the property so that both parties may earn their compensation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Besides aiding in the sale of real estate properties by creating an online marketplace, the MLS system also acts as a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to help brokers organize their business and actively communicate with their clients, schedule meetings and showing appointments, prepare custom property reports, and so much more.

Sharing Property Listings for Mutual Benefit

In western nations, the MLS is the life and blood of the real estate brokerage industry. Without it, the industry would come to a screeching halt. The MLS facilitates open communication, property information, organization, customer leads, and sales. By sharing property data with fellow member brokers on a single platform, the industry operates much more efficiently, and all members have the ability to earn a greater income.


The greatest benefit of the MLS for real estate professionals is a significant savings of time and money. Agents are able to provide real-time market information to their clients within seconds, and they have the ability to market all their property listings to the world at no additional cost on a single web portal.

Industry professionals automatically gain access to the majority of the property listings in the market, which helps to increase their business and income.

Members operate on a level playing field with all brokers, large and small. Real estate brokers are also able to serve their clients more effectively without any geographic limitations, and thus, are able to earn a greater income by selling property throughout the city.

Real Estate Brokerage Offices

Real estate brokerage firms are able to effectively manage all employees and their production to generate optimum results.

Marketing results can be analyzed to identify the best source of leads and sales.

Managing brokers have the ability to communicate or make general announcements to the entire staff through one platform.

All agreements and purchase/sale contracts between clients and agents are stored and backed up on the system for security and easy access.


Clients are regularly updated with automated daily alerts from their brokers with information about new property listings and status changes of existing listings.

The certified property listings provide the consumer a wealth of information including access to interior and exterior pictures, maps, and up to 250 fields of data for each property, so they can make an informed decision.

Best of all, consumers will no longer need to work with many brokers or visit multiple Internet websites to find their dream home, because all property listings will be accessible on one modern and mobile-friendly platform, which their MLS Member Broker can provide them.

Real Estate Industry

Increased broker credibility through education, software tools, and licensing.

Creation of a professional industry through higher service standards.

Accurate property listing information, and the elimination of "dummy" listings.

Accurate demand indexes and valuable market statistics about the true health and condition of the industry.

Greater consumer confidence resulting in more foreign investment into Indian real estate and a healthier overall market.

PowerSearch Feature

Perform a quick keyword search to pull up all relevant property listing or client information.

Built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your entire business through the CRM including all client info, calendar of activities, communications, and important documents.

Transactional Update Manager

Stay current with important dates and deadlines pertaining to your transactions.

Detailed Property Listing Sheets

Comprehensive property listing sheets with more data than other source in the market. Property profiles include over 250 fields of data.

Lead Generation Tool

Capturing leads is made simple with real-time notifications that enable you to reach out to potential clients interested in buying or renting residential or commercial property in your chosen markets.

Instant Chat Feature with Clients and other Brokers

Save time with instant communications with clients and brokers directly from the MLS system and thru the mobile app.

Back-up for Valuable Contracts and Documentation

Your important transactional agreements and files for each client are fully encrypted and backed up within the "cloud" through the IndiaMLS platform, so files are accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Sales Production Accounting Tool

All business-related expenses and revenues are tracked real-time to alleviate accounting hassles at the end of the financial year. Also, allows you to segregate expenses to analyse where your monthly or annual spend is, i.e. marketing, travel & entertainment, food, etc.

Mobile/Remote Access

Streamline your business by having access to your MLS system from anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile device.

Custom Marketing Flyer Designer

Provide your clients with customized, professional marketing material to help sell their home quickly. IndiaMLS provides pre-designed templates to create beautiful property flyers and brochures, quick and painless.